Wes Nakagiri on Off the Record

Wes Nakagiri was recently interviewed by Tim Skubick on "Off The Record." View the video below to see what he had to say and how he said it. See for yourself why Mr. Skubick wrote, "Wes Nakagiri is the real deal." (click here to read Mr. Skubick's full commentary).

Wes voiced his concerns regarding the expansion of Medicaid as well as other hot topics in Lansing.  He also elaborated on the growing movement to elect a conservative Lieutenant Governor who would provide Governor Snyder a balanced viewpoint.  Wes strongly believes a Republican Lieutenant Governor should uphold the Republican Platform.

A second video is also included showing Wes continuing his discussion with the journalists on "Off The Record."  This footage was not aired on TV - it was only shown via the internet.



Watch Jul. 19, 2013 | #4304 on PBS. See more from OFF THE RECORD.





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